Life Members

hunters hill lawn tennis club life member
The list below generally reflects the Clubs' Life Members since 1965 (with a little information about other Life Members who were elected prior to this time). Over time it is intended to provide additional information not only about the commitment of these Life Members but also those who were recognised prior to 1965.

Ms Judy Smith - initially played as a Sunday morning Junior and received coaching at the club. Judy joined as a full playing member in 1978. Over 26 years on committee Judy has fulfilled the following positions: Committee member, Treasurer, Club Captain, Honorary Secretary, Vice President and President. For some of the years in between, when she was not on Committee, she may as well have been!!

When elected President in 2003, Judy became the first female President of the club. With a very dedicated committee around her, Judy started documenting club information for easy access, and re-introduced at the start of the year very successful, both socially and financially, fundraising events at member’s houses in Hunters Hill. She also re-introduced monthly newsletters, started a program to update internal and external facilities, (with great assistance from Robert Bradshaw), and updated club championship honour boards to include members’ Christian names and familial relationships within the club. Judy was also instrumental in getting the club's website up and running. For many many years even when she wasn’t Treasurer she was responsible for finalising the club’s financial statements and coordinating the year-end audits. She initiated and submitted numerous articles about the club to local papers and coordinated badge teams, and ran successful membership drives.

Over and above everything else Judy has always made a concerted effort to try and keep in contact not only with all current members but also past members.

Judy’s commitment to tennis has not just been here at the club. With Tennis NSW she was the Chairperson of the Ladies Badge Grading Committee for a number of years and fulfilled the additional role of Administrator of overall Ladies Badge for two years. Judy oversaw the introduction of TNSW’s first online badge result recording system.


The members elected Judy as a Life Member at the Club's Annual General Meeting on the 3rd December 2014.

Bill Ierace, Judy Smith and Gunnar Korths.

Mrs Jacqueline Bradshaw (nee Smith) – joined the Club in March 1965 and first served on Committee in 1977 and 1978. Jackie re-joined Committee as a Vice President in 1983 and 1984. After a short break Jackie returned to Committee from 1987 until the end of 1989. All through this period, as in prior years, Jackie was involved with the social committee, general club administration and secretarial sub committees. Jackie is again back on Committee for 7 consecutive years serving as Honorary Secretary from 2003 to 2009 inclusive. For the first 3 years of this stint Jackie was also specifically responsible for New Membership and the Club's Newsletter, these tasks themselves, individually being incredibly time consuming and critically important. Again, throughout this period, Jackie continued to be very involved in the organisation of all social functions and of course looking after all our members.

Jackie has always represented the Club in Badge and continues to do so at the moment. Additionally Jackie volunteered for a number of years with TNSW working in the President's Reserve Function Room each January at Homebush. Although no longer on Committee, as always, Jackie is working behind the scenes to help the Club wherever she can.

The members elected Jackie as a Life Member at the Club's Annual General Meeting on the 13th December 2010.

Mrs Mary (Laurie) Gilmour - joined the Club in June 1984 and served as Honorary Secretary for 16 consecutive years from 1986 to 2001. Not only was Laurie the first Secretary to use a computer and start to use email to contact our members (instead of postage stamps) Laurie also took the then very bold step of including men on our Sunday afternoon tea rosters for the first time in February 1989 (Andrew Rennie and Alan Wightley) – a major step forward.

Laurie was also the Club's Metropolitan Grass Court Clubs Association (Sydney Badge Tennis) representative for many years as well as captain of numerous badge teams.

The members elected Laurie as a Life Member at the Club's Annual General Meeting on the 25th November 2004.

Mrs Yvonne Mack – joined the Club as a midweek member in March 1970 and a year later transferred to full membership. It was at this time, in 1971 that Yvonne joined the Committee. Yvonne was part of our general Committee every year until end 1986 – 16 consecutive years. However Yvonne’s commitment to the Club did not end here and from 1987 until the end of 1993 Yvonne held the position of Vice President – another 7 years of service. Throughout this entire period Yvonne also served on the MGCCA (Badge) ladies grading committee. She of course competed in Badge for innumerable years.

Throughout these 23 years Yvonne was involved with all aspects of the Club's operation with her predominate interest being in social fund raising functions. Although no longer on committee Yvonne continues to not only assist with the Clubs' social events but also maintains the Clubs' gardens.

Yvonne also volunteered at the TNSW Open tournament each January, assisting in the Presidents Reserve Function Room from 1977 to 2007, a staggering 30 years!!! It is also worth noting that Yvonne seconded other Hunters Hill Tennis Club members who volunteeered here as well for a number of years - Jackie Bradshaw, Barbara Ashley and Judy Smith. It was primarily for this work that Yvonne was awarded the Australian Sports Medal for Services to Tennis in 2000.

The members elected Yvonne as a Life Member at the Club's Annual General Meeting on the 16th December 1996.

Mr John William Gordon Austin – John was admitted as a junior member of the Club on the 21st August 1958. It was not then long before his involvment with the Club began in earnest.

John was first elected to committee at the AGM held on the 17th March 1964. At the AGM held on the 1st March 1965 he is appointed Honorary Secretary and at the AGM held on the 15th March 1966 he is appointed a Vice President of the Club. John held this position until the AGM held on the 19th February 1975 at which point he was elected President of the Club. He remained President until the beginning of 1980 at which point he stepped down from the Committee. At this stage, 16 years of dedication.

At the beginning on 1981 John was again elected as a Vice President of the Club and held this position until March 1985. For the 1985 year John held the position of Club Captain. From 1986 to 1997 John was again on the Committee as Vice President, until his untimely death during 1997.

In addition to representing the Club for years in Badge, overseeing our junior members, serving as the Club's voting representative at tennis institutions, organising the local cricket match between the tennis club and the local pub, John’s absolute passion was the courts. He served for years on the grounds committee tendering the courts day in day out. John lived behind court 5 so literally, his backyard was the courts and he loved them. When he rescued a kitten from court 5, it was instantly christened “Spalding”.

John devoted over 30 years of his life to the Club. This outstanding service was recognised when John was made a Life Member of the Club in 1987.

Mrs Monica M Sheehan – at this stage we have not been able to confirm when Monica joined the Club, however her apology for the AGM meeting held on the 17th March 1964 is recorded and it was noted at the AGM held on the 1st March 1965 that she had stood for Committee but been eliminated by ballot. Monica was however elected to the Ladies Committee at this same meeting.

Monica was elected to the general Committee in 1966 and 1967. In 1968 was elected Honorary Secretary, holding this position until 1976 – 9 years. In 1977 Monica became a Vice President of the Club until end 1979 and in 1980 again took on the role of Honorary Secretary until the end of 1983. At this point Monica had served on the Committee for 19 consecutive years.

The members elected Monica as a Life Member at the Club's Annual General Meeting on the 3rd March 1987.

Monica has not only been an outstanding worker for the Tennis Club but also an amazing worker for the community of Hunters Hill. She has served on the Committee of HH Penguins and the HH Club for a number of years; was a founding member of the Battlers for Kellys Bush, a group of women that fought and succeeded in having the world’s first ever green ban applied and was elected Hunters Hill’s Citizen of the Year in 2011 – at 92 years young.

Yvonne Mack & Monica Sheehan, two life members at the Club, 1st July 2012.
hunters hill lawn tennis club Monica & Pon

Mr Robert Carroll – joined the Club on the 15th May 1961. Appointed a Life Member at the Club's Annual General Meeting held on the 19th February 1975.

Miss P Parkes

Mrs W (Eve) Jenkins

Mr Ivan Dennis

Mrs Norma Bertie (nee Barker, later Pottie)

Mr Frank Bennett - the members elected Frank as a Life Member at the Club's Annual General Meeting on the 17th March 1964. Frank passed away in 1970.

Other Comments and Life Members

At the Club's Annual General Meeting held on the 31st March 1958 it was proposed that the following rule be added - Rule 21. Life Members - Any person who has given outstanding service to the Club may be elected a Life Member. The name of each such person (proposed) by the Committee shall be put before an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting of the Club, and that Meeting shall elect or reject that person as a Life Member. A Life Member shall have the privileges of a Playing Member of the Club, but shall not be liable to pay any entrance fee or annual subscription.

The above Rule being carried at this meeting, the following members were proposed and elected as Life Members -

Mr Edward R (Ted) Barker

Mr Harry Lloyd

Mr Reginald M (Reg) Champ

Mr John A Alvarez

Mr Richard Montagu (Montie) Stobo

Dr Anthony R Woodhill

Miss Kitty Fitzgerald

Reference was made to their outstanding service, dating back in at least one case to 1917.