June 2015 Newsletter


Welcome to the new format for our club newsletter. This is being sent to you from the new Members section of our upgraded website.

Do you enjoy singles tennis? If you do - then join us down at the courts this Sunday at 11am - just turn up! Thanks to David Hall and Peter Kodela, we are gauging interest in starting a regular singles group.

Congratulations goes to Judy Smith and Alf Cocco who were the 2015 President Trophy winners. We had a great turnout and thanks to Graeme Sticka for running such a successful and fun event.

Our committee has started to regularly post the club financials up on the clubhouse noticeboard. Thank you to our treasurer Seamus Lynch for preparing this information for any interested members.

Sally Stobo


Sunday June 21 11:00am
Singles play - just turn up

Tuesday July 21 10:15am
Eve Jenkins Trophy - new date due to washout



The Japanese Yoga classes are proving very popular.

japanese flyer class times 13-3-15


Congratulations to Mike Swan for winning a hard fought Mens Special Singles Round Robin on May 17. David Hall and Sergio Carpio-Parquet defeated Roger Brittain and Matthew Ward in a close three set final of the Mens Special Doubles on May 31.

The Open events in our Club Championships will run over 6 weekends from August 8 to September 13. These events are open to all Playing and Competition members. Includes: Ladies, Mens, (Singles and Doubles) and Mixed. Entries will close on July 26. Enter by emailing our Club Captain, Graeme Sticka gsticka@gmail.com.


Our courts are happy to see a little more sunshine now that Ausgrid has trimmed the street trees, and the playing area has been moved toward the clubhouse. Green Options have been maintaining the courts for over 6 months now and are making our committee's role relatively easy with their professional approach. It is much appreciated!

Our Zip hot water service has broken and, like the cold water unit, it is also not fixable. We are very appreciative to the team at Tennis Ranch who have donated a new urn to replace it. Thank you also to Roger Brittain for his handywork repairing the tiles in the kitchen. Is there any job this man can't do?


Our website upgrade continues, and for the first time this news update is being sent to you from our website. We also have a new members only login area, with the latest membership contact list, the club Articles of Association and we will be emailing all members with the access username & password shortly.

Currently if one was looking for a lawn club to join and did a google search for 'lawn tennis clubs in Sydney', our website appears a fair way down the list - about 10th or on the 2nd results page. Our aim is to improve this website ranking over the coming months. One easy way we can all help do this is get more hits to our website and even something as simple as you all clicking on the link and opening our newsletter helps achieve this.


Hunters Hill Theatre's next upcoming play is 'Gulls' by Rober Hewett, August 7-22.

The Woolwich Pier are currently hosting a Winter Festival, June 12 - Aug 31.