April 2016 Newsletter

We are pleased to be registering the following teams in Autumn Badge. Thank you so much to Graeme Sticka and Caroline Swan for volunteering as our Club Badge delegates. We hope you have a very enjoyable season!

 2016 Mens Saturday Autumn Badge teams

  HH1        HH2         HH3                                         
 Graeme Sticka (c)  Ben Johnson (c)   Ian Kavanagh (c)
 Fabrizio Perilli  Chris Jones   Clive Magowan
 Seamus Lynch  Andy Phelan   Roger Brittain
 Conor O'Toole  Andrew Frankland   Joe Zucker
 Mark Haet  Andrew Chilcott  Sergio Carpio
 Chris Doucas  Andrew See  Edmond Odishoo
 Alf Cocco  Mike Swan


  2016 Ladies Thursday Autumn Badge team  

 Jane Cowley (c)
 Jacque Weaver
 Judi Lewis
 Kitty Dufficy
 Caroline Durran
 Judy Fisher
 Jackie Bradshaw
 Fiona Henshaw
 Donna Underwood
 Sally Stobo


Grounds and Clubhouse

Many of you will have seen the newly painted netshed. We plan to update the players shed and benches in the next few weeks and are looking for volunteers to help with painting. Please contact Roger Brittain if you can help roger@brittains.com.au. Also, a BIG thankyou to Caroline Swan for her time and energy nurturing our garden.

IMG_1068Our courts were rolled with a cricket wicket roller last month and Marty aims to repeat this later in April. We are keen to hear any feedback about how the courts are playing as Green Options work to improve the playing surface.

Membership Drive - 29/5 - 4/6

Our club is reliant on its membership to share the costs of maintaining the courts and our club needs more members. We would like to encourage you all to bring a friend that might be interested to join the club during this special week - Sunday 29th May - Tuesday 4th June. All visitor fees will be waived and we will be offering a pro-rata reduced fee to join for the rest of 2016.

New & Returning Members

We warmly welcome the following new members to our club: Joe Zucker, Chris Doucas, Judi Lewis; and we welcome back Fiona Henshaw, who is rejoining. We hope you all have many happy times at the club.